Monday, August 19, 2013

It's all about Me, Me, Me

Forget about you, you, you, you, and you! lol! No, not you! But that's an oooooold jam of mines. Finally had my Detox Day, that was supposed to be last Monday, ended up being Friday...but alteast I got it up right? Ladies, sometimes it just has to be all about you. Take a day for yourself and just take care of you. Go buy you something nice, get a massage, workout, treat yourself to a dinner, take a bubble bath...whatever you want to do. We get so caught up in our schedules, that we forget to schedule time for just us.  So I had a little Me Day...

Macroons!!! Who doesn't love Macroons? They were so good...and I ate every one of em.
 Took a looooong bubble bath. My body was super sore from working out, so I poured a glass of wine, grabbed a book, and soaked. : )

 Love, Love, Looove Que Bella products!!! I've only tried the Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Mud Mask...and it's my absolute favorite. I've tried many mud masks before, and I have really sensitive skin, so I'm super skeptical about what I put on my face. But you put this on, and I usually keep mines on until it hardens up a little, and I rinse it off with warm water. Face feels like heaven afterwards. Not to mention when I wake up the next morning, I'm usually blemish free, bumps are usually gone, and my face feels firmer. Try it out...I get mines from Target. They are located in the All Natural/ Organic isle.

Kay, g'niiight :)

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