Monday, August 26, 2013

Oh! What a Weekend!

Hey QueenBees! How was your weekend? Mines was as they say, "Just what the doctor ordered." Lol! From Friday, all the way until Sunday night  had a blast non-stop. Take a look!

  "A girl must always be two things...classy & fabulous"-Coco Chanel
Lunch n' the City

 Me completely caught off guard by my mom snapping pictures.

Was going for a classy look. I was going to see The Color Purple on Broadway. Bought this dress from a little boutique on the Miami strip. (Ocean Drive). Shoes: Bakers Bag: H&M

Got lunch with my buddy Auv. We tried a new restaurant...Quartino. Everything was absolutley delicious, and 100% Italian. Even down to the portion sizes. Will do a review of this restaurant soon. Its on the corner of Ontario & State St.

Selfie! Hey Ash!

We had 3rd row seats at The Color Purple on Broadway! This show was amazing! It's playing at the Mercury Theatre in Lakeview. It was so good. All of you theatre heads, get your butt up and go see this! Not to mention...these actors can SING.

No one in my family will every go hungry. I am always eager to get in the kitchen, and this weekend, cooked dinner for my family and friends. Just told anybody if they were hungry to come by and get a plate. I was a bit modest at first, but I must say when your kitchen has over 10 people in it, and all you hear is the sound of the fork hitting the plate, I was a little proud. lol! Food was delicious I was told. I love to cook for people. 

My Bestfriend, she rocks : ) This was after dinner, so I'm thinking she was satisfied with her meal lol!

 Your looking at 3 generations of fierce. Mama fierce is to the right with the pink workout gear. I'm to the left with this Madonnesque sequin dress, and that's my little niece in the middle. She's a sophmore in highschool now, geesh! I remember changing this kid's diapers!

Hey Pumpkin : )

Was walking down Oak St....and I walked dead into this. I screamed. Yes. Outloud, I screamed. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a HUGE Harry Winston fan. I had no idea, that there was a Harry Winston in Chicago...?! When I say this was the highlight of my was the HIGHLIGHT of my weekend. My Harry...was in Chicago. Made me feel like a girl in love : ) lol

Which leads me to tell you, this week is Wedding Week at T4Q!!! I know about 6 weddings taking place this Labor Day weekend! So I'm super excited to post all week, about the dresses, the venues, the vows, and evertying else in between!

How was your weekend ladies?

Be Fierce. Be Queen. Be You.


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