Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Camera Roll...

 Soooo I totally forgot to do my Detox Monday...I'm committing to watching the entire series of Grey's Anatomy, and my mind was all the way at Seattle Grace. So today I'll just post a few pictures of what I did this weekend. My girlfriends and I decided to try a new bar in Chicago, it was a beautiful night setting. We sat outside with our drinks, and watched the Maserati's, Bugatti's, and Lamborghini's pull up. No lie...they pulled up one after the other, to say it was nice was an understatement. The men were super sweet there too ladies ; )

  Cant remember what these martini's were called but these little babies had a kick to them! My girlfriends didn't like them too much...I thought they were pretty good.

Really sweet guy at work gave me these Friday. He said it was the "Most Beautiful Girl at Work Day" , and handed me these with the cutest little note. Super sweet, and nice guy...definitely made my day : )

Not really a good picture, the steam from the pizza fogged my view. Made a homemade pizza for dinner Sunday night for family and friends.Everything was homemade...will post my recipe at a later date. Note: Definitely not for the healthy hearted...

How was your weekend?

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