Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why Didn't Anybody Warn Me?

I mean a few people that know I've committed to watching every season of Grey's Anatomy, gave me a few tips on the last episode of Season 2...but I was not prepared. First off, the entire episode was around the Prom being thrown at Seattle Grace, and Izzie's marriage proposal. My prom was so terrible. It was almost as if I didn't really have a prom. I mean I got to dress up, and get beautiful. But a few hours before prom started, I caught my now ex boyfriend ( dogged that bullet) telling his ex girlfriend how much he wanted to be with her for his special day. I only decided to go because my favorite aunt begged me to go..."after all we spent so much money". But to say it was unforgettable was an understatement. I was morbidly embarrassed, I cried, I couldn't enjoy getting dressed, and everything was just all wrong. If I could do prom over, I would...just with someone who really, really wants to be there...with me. So I got hung up, all of the staff asked each other to prom, and it was cute...blah blah blah. 

But I was not ready for Denny to just...you know. Especially after the transplant, and his speech about how in his 5 years of being sick, he "never got to decide anything, or choose anything...but Izzy...I choose you"...and just incase she didnt hear him...he said it like 5 times. She leaves to get dressed for the prom...then BAM.

Shonda...as if I don't have an actual, real legitimate life, with real people...with a real job...and real feelings...please....give me a freaking break. 

Moral of this impromptu, " Omg I have to blog about this," rant? Guys...be a REAL guy, and ask your lady to prom. Whether youve been together for years or not. She will feel special. This night may be a night that your hanging with your buddies for the last time, and you have to get laid...you know...because its prom..but don't forget its her night too. And 9 times out of 10....this is the only time, other than her wedding, that she will get to put on an insanely beautiful dress, and slow dance, and most of all feel super special. She will never forget this night. 

Girls....life is short. I mean...super....super short. If your lucky enough to have someone, who loves you like Denny loved Izzy...or maybe the other way around? You have something special. And you should feel every bit of that special...that you have : ).

Sidenote: I hear Grey's is just getting started, and I'm only on Season 3 now. I made a promise to watch this, and I never, ever, never break my promises...but man. Maybe I should make someone else start over and watch it with me............hmmmmm?

Kay, my pointless rant is over. This post was so not planned. But whatever. 


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