Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Let's Talk: ♛ First Kisses ♛

Aahh..the first kiss. Do you remember yours? Was it everything you imagined? Or was it something you’re still trying to forget? Your first kiss ever…or the first kiss you have with the one you love? My very first kiss was…not so magical? I was fashioned to believe that like in movies, I would be swept away after the first kiss. It would be soft, and with each peck I’d fall deeper and deeper in love with him. Cut the music! Let’s just say my foot didn’t pop, no music played, and I didn’t have Judd Nelson walking through a football field thrusting his fist in the air knowing that he got me! (I told you ladies I watch movies) Reality had me on a date with a football player at the local movie theatre. He wasn’t the star of the team…but he was handsomely tall. And though he didn’t play too much, he had the sweetest smile. I don’t even remember the movie we went to see  due to the fact that I was so nervous and my oxygen levels were low. Two hours prior I had practiced, yes I practiced. On anything clean that I could practice on! It was so not the right time, nor mood, and he just leaned over, grabbed my face and kissed me. Now you see…I’m a thinker. My mind never stops. So in that moment…all I could think about was how this definitely didn’t go as practiced, and my foot wouldn’t be popping off this sticky, infested floor. My First Kiss and I didn’t last very long. We are actually good friends! He is still handsomely tall, and tons of girls ended up falling for his sweet smile:)  Ehh….to the good ol’ days.

Tell me about your first kiss! Was it magical? Did your foot pop? Or to those Queen Bee’s  that realized that their first kiss, ended up being their last first? Ha! Happy Tuesday Queen Bee’s! And remember to always Be Fierce, Be Queen, and Be You!

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