Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lushin for LUSH!!!

Hey Queenbees!

So I have totally conformed myself into a LUSH fanatic! I am in love with their products, and I find myself in Macy’s every Friday picking up my stash! LUSH is a brand that sells fresh handmade cosmetics. They make everything from lip scrubs, body conditioners, natural hair essentials, and my favorite..bath bombs! These products smell so good, and since they are all natural they are good for the skin. All ingredients added in them, you can pronounce, and it’s definitely QueenBee budget-friendly! Here's what I bought:

 LUSH only buys ingredients from companies that do not test on animals, and are firm believers in testing on humans. Hence the ever so popular, and recyclable bag. 

Recently I only purchased a few bath bomb products, and a bubble bar. They are listed here from left to right. 1. Big Blue 2. Twilight 3. Big Blue ( Bottom) 4. Amandopondo (Bubble Bar)  5. Butterball

Ladies all LUSH products have ingredients in them that stimulate the skin. Butterball (5) is used for mostly dry skin, and contains Cocoa Butter, Vanilla, and Ylang Ylang oil. 

This past summer I've only been addicted to Big Blue and the Amandopondo Bubble Bar. Basically you just run a bath, and toss one of these bombs in, and surprise! Each LUSH bath bomb does something different to your bath water! In the Big Blue tiny particles of Arame Seaweed disperse into the water, softening the surface, and releasing it's nutrients. Not to mention your bath water turns into a perfect, Mediterranean blue. : ) 

I have comitted myself to trying out all of the LUSH products, will be doing a full review on LUSH Cosmetics very soon!


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