Saturday, July 12, 2014

DIY Sharpie Mugs

Hey loves! Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday! Here in Chicago we're experiencing some really funky weather. As in, your hair will be finished as soon as you step out the door. As in, don't even try curling it...#itwontwork! LOL! It's been raining off and on, so in lieu of this rainy, muggy weather I decided to post one of my favorite pastimes that I often do with my girlfriends! I know you've probably seen these on the internet or Pinterest somewhere, but I decided to try them for myself! One of my best friends from college came down for a visit, and of course it was raining so we shot over to the local craft store, and got down to business! Keep reading to find out how we made these beauties, and how you can too!

     DIY Sharpie Mugs

       All you need:
      2 or 3 glass mugs 
      Oil based sharpie  
     Creative Saying 
    1 Buddy

 Okay so first things first ladies, set your oven to 350 degrees Farenheit. Two, grab you a glass of wine, and crank up the music! Grab your oil based sharpie, and get to creating! I have terrible handwriting, so I practiced a few times on a sheet of paper, before writing on my mug.

 Make sure you use an oil based sharpie, or else once you bake the mugs in the oven the writing will come right off once it gets wet! The packaging should read "made for wood & glass", and there are tons of colors to choose from.

This was after a few tries lol! I made sure I put a little something on the back as well, depending on however I decide to hold my mug, there was something cute on each side!

 Jackie (or Jackpot as I call her) working on her DIY Mug. The front of hers read " Wild and Free" and a big gold heart on the back.

Place your mugs in the over upside down for about 30 mins. Be super careful when they are finshed, as the glass is extremely hot. Let them sit for about an hour before flipping them right side up, then once the hour has passed they are finished! I threw mine in the sink and washed them just to make sure the ink stayed on the mugs, and also to clean off any residue from my first few attempts. Then walah! Your DIY Mugs are finished!

This is a great way to kill time if your ever bored and stuck in the house. These also make good birthday or Christmas gifts to your friends. Granted your friends must be tea/coffee drinkers...but in the spirit of drinking wine with your friends, cranking up the music and having a good time? That is time well spent. Until next time....

Monday, July 7, 2014

Stars , Stripes & Skylines

Hey love-bugs! How was your holiday weekend? Mines was fantastic! I have to say one of the great things about living in this beautiful city, is there is always something to do. As some of you know I come from a large family, which meant tons of BBQ, cookouts, and family time...which don't get me wrong is wonderful. But this year the mom (my roadie as I like to call her) and I just wanted to hang solo, and opted for a more non-traditional celebration of our country's independence. We went to The Pier, or Navy Pier for those who have never been to Chicago. If you're ever in my city I highly recommend visiting the pier, as it's one of Chicago's greatest historical landmarks, not to mention there's so much to do! Check out me and the roadie's pics of our 4th of July fun below!

Check out the roadie!! Haha look at her, she's so fun! Chicago seriously has thee best skyline.

Nothing but sun and the windy city!

The famous Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, which I have yet to get on ladies! It's been on my bucket list each summer...and can you believe I was this close to it and did not get on? It's extremely high, and is right over Lake Michigan...the roadie didn't want to get on with me...and I definitely wasn't conquering these heights alone!

 The Pier has so many good restaurants to choose from. We opted for Margaritaville, and had probably the biggest burgers I have ever seen! Drinks were delish, and the waiters and staff here made us feel so welcome!

Speadboat Sailing!

The Chicago Skyline..ugh its so pretty! This is a view from the speedboat ( which if you've never done, I highly recommend trying it one day) and there were so many pictures I took, I had such a hard time trying to decide which one I wanted to post, they were all so nice! I've posted more pics here on my Instagram.

Sooo many independent shops to choose from on the inside of the Pier. Also home of the Chicago Children's Museum!

Went closer to home for the fireworks display towards the evening. I didn't get many shots, as I just wanted to sit and enjoy the show! 

I hope you ladies really enjoyed your weekend like I did! I had so much fun, and a good relaxing time off from work. Look forward to my upcoming post! If ever you want to keep in contact with me, find me on Instagram or check out my social handles above!


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cupcakes + Hello's

 Hello All! 

Yeesh, It's been so long since my last post, but if you take a look around you can see that I've been up to something! Check out the new blog! I am super excited to finally roll out the new idea/vision for where I want my blog to go now. I have been in collaboration with a well known graphic designer, Fabulous K linked below, and together have developed my new creative home. Will post about this in an upcoming post, (i.e the name change, color inspiration, etc.). Otherwise, life has been pretty busy! A few weeks ago I caught up with a girlfriend of mines, and like many other 20 somethings scowered Groupon for the cheapest deals for things we could fill our bucket list with. We actually came across a great deal called the Chicago Cupcake Tour, which toured various famous bakeries throughout the South/West Loop & River North Areas. Ladies I had a blast! I have a mean thing for sweets, so this was right up my alley. If you're ever in the Chicago area, I recommend stopping at one of these cupcake places while your in the city. Let's just say you will NOT be disappointed! Check out my reviews and pictures of my cupcake tour below!


50 E Walton St, Chicago, IL 60611


First stop on our cupcake tour was to the ever famous Sprinkles! Sprinkles are known for their large cupcakes, and never ending frosting they're topped with. These tasty treats are such a delight! They can be a bit on the pricey side, but its truly worth it. This was my absolute favorite stop on the cupcake tour : )

Sprinkles also has a cupcake ATM that they keep fully stocked 24 hours a day, so even after hours you can stop by the shop, and indulge in one of these sweet treats!

The Berkshire Room 
15 E Ohio St. Chicago, IL

Second stop on the tour was The Berkshire Room, which doubled as a small deli/coffee joint under the ACME Hotel. The Berkshire Room is famous for the cupcake pops...which come in just about every flavor! These cupcakes were extremely sweet, and the frosting is uber thick, so luckily they have  a bar within the vicinity to wash all of that goodness down...responsibly of course!

  Crumbs Bake Shop
303 W Madison St. Chicago, IL

Crumbs Bakery has to be one of my favorite cupcake places here in the city! As you can see I didn't get many shots here, because I was too busy stuffing my face. They have a variety of flavors as well, ranging from cotton candy, chocolate turtle, birthday cake flavors, the list goes on! Crumbs is everywhere in the city, and they even have a pop up bakery located on the 2nd floor in the Water Tower. This is definitely my go to for sure!

1 E Delaware Pl, Chicago, IL.

MORE cupcakes was located right around the corner of the Gold Coast of Chicago. This wasn't my absolute favorite stop on the tour, as MORE's motto is " Anything you can eat, can be made into a cupcake". Their flavors included Cupcake BLT, Salted Caramel cupcakes, and even have a "Happy Hour" set up ever Friday which showcases their more adult friendly cupcakes such as " Gin and Tonic" , "Lemon Drops" , and even a "Hennessy Cupcake". Like I said wasn't my absolute favorite, but had tons of potential. I also lala love being in the Gold Coast! So many little shops to go in, and outside restaurants to get daytime cocktails from!

 We stopped a few more places on the cupcake tour. I fully recommend doing one of these if your ever in the Chicago area. Gives you a great chance to taste some sweet treats, and also see this beautiful city I live in! It feels so good to be back ladies, and I'm so pumped to share more exciting things with you! Did you ladies notice my new camera?

Hugs and Kisses

Monday, March 17, 2014

Big Changes, Great Expectations

Hello Lovers!

Ahh...It's been quite some time since my last post, and all for good reason. I've been in deep though about this blog, and the things that I want to accomplish through it. At first I was posting things that I thought my readers wanted to read, and essentially this is my creative outlet, and I stopped posting what I wanted to post. What I wanted to get out. My mind is realing non stop, and I never stop thinking. But needless to say, there will be a lot of changes within the next month or so with the blog. I'm super excited to be working with a new designer, and featuring more ideas that I've always wanted others to see...but never had the guts to actually express myself. I'm super grateful for the feedback that I've gotten thus far from the blog, whether it be on FaceBook or my Instagram, and I'm super excited to see where this new journey takes us! I realize that this blog is evolving, it is a mirror of myself evolving and figuring out my life day to day. Change is scary, but if we all stay the same...where will we ever go? What places will we see?

Here's to change honeybee's. Here's to change.


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentines Day Inspiration

Valentines Day Inspiration

I think Valentine's Day is just another excuse for me to wear pink? A lot of people hate pink, but I love it! Pink is my signature color. I wear it. I own it. It is mines. Here is some fabulous Valentine's Day inspiration to get you ladies in the mood for love. Or some of you guy readers some great gift ideas...wink...wink!  Check it out..

1. Pink "XOXO" notepads to leave love letters...
2. "Please Return to Tiffany's" . "Please Buy Me Tiffany's". " Please Take Me to Tiffany's"
3. Pink lace skirt w/ mesh insert
4. Red Heart Earrings because their so cute.
5. White Barn Candles. Because they set the mood...
6. YES!!!
7. All you have to wear is Chanel No. 5 ladies...and you will still look like a million bucks!
8. Roses are red, pink..white...pretty...
9. Massage Oil for your lover. Or your joints whichever you prefer.
10. Rose colored eye shadows. Urban Decay Naked3 palette has beautiful "rosey"shades.
11. Louboutin's are always welcome
12. Heart Shaped pillows, because they are soft and fluffy, and I love them.

Sooo...about #2 though?

Hugs, Kisses & Fluffy Stuff

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My "Not Mine Valentine"


Mmmm...can't you just smell the love in the air? Valentine's Day is literally right around the corner, and honestly I'm the least bit excited. Well maybe a little, my best friend and I are getting dinner together. A girls thing! Now, I'm not one of those "All Couples Go to Hell" type of people, who hates seeing other women get flowers, and candies, and cookies or whatever. It's just in all my brief 24 years of living...I've never had a true valentine. Yes. Even when I had a boyfriend.

Let me explain.

I've only had one boyfriend or "Valentine" my entire life. We dated for almost two years, and over the course of those two years Valentine's Day still didn't work out for me. First year we were both at separate colleges, and on VDay, I just knew I was going to get showered with love and affection...not to mention my mailbox would be full of  surprises. But nope. 8:00pm rolled around that night, and I was still waiting for a phone call, a package, or even Ashton Kutcher to pop out and tell me that I was getting punked. All I got was a text. Then to make matters worse, I found out that he was passing out flowers and teddy bears to all of the other girls on his campus. All of the other single, lonely, depressed, single girls that were sad on Valentines day. Sweet right?

Second Valentines Day, was a little more complicated. My "Not Mine Valentine" was a party promoter for his school, and they were throwing this uber nice social event for all the lovers and the not so loved ones on campus. He told me that instead of passing off his project to another team member, or simply inviting me to come to the event with him, that we could Skype for Valentines Day and watch movies over Netflix. I was only about a $38.00 train ride to his school, but he insisted that he would be working, and that he would race home to Skype me. Welp. 11:30 rolled around, and you guessed it. There was still no package, I was still waiting by the television and computer screen, and he never showed. I called, and called to catch up with him, but it didn't work out. 2:30am eased on by, and at that point...I figured I had just been played. Again. 

Moral of this story ladies. I'm just like any other girl. I like flowers, and candies, and all that sappy crap. But I've just had really bad luck with Valentine's Day.  But! I will still be posting for my girls that are in love with someone else, and the girls that are...well in love with themselves. Either way...rock on!

Hugs, Kisses, & Shots

Monday, February 10, 2014

Life Via the Camera Roll Pt. 1

Hey girl, hey! Since my last post I've been snowed in 3 times ladies. Yes, 3! I know there should have been at least one post in between the last time we've talked, but due to cabin fever, if it isn't snowing I'm running out the door catch at least a ray of sunlight, or grab some drinks with the ladies. It seems like with this weather if it isn't snowing, it's below 20 degrees, if its not below 20 degrees, its a blizzard. So I know all my girls throughout the Midwest and on the East coast are feeling me right now! Mother nature permitting, we must get outside the house every chance we get! Here are some shots via the camera roll lately.....

 Daddy sent pink flowers to surprise me! I got so many flowers for my birthday, and everyone knows that i absolutely love pink flowers. Thanks everyone!

House Salad from Freshii. One of my fav places to go on my lunch break here in the city! All of their menu items are either vegan, gluten free, or paleo friendly!

 Superbowl Party at this new place in the South Loop, Noveau Tavern (it was super dark, sorry for the blur)
 Drinks w/ my ladies : )

A friend of mines has been recommending this really good sushi place here in the city. The name of the place was Sushi Sai....customer service sucked but the sushi was unbelievable!

LUSH review coming soon!!!

Outback Steakhouse (Australian Vibes only here : ) )

We also celebrated my mom's 55th birthday this past weekend! I'm so blessed to have my mom around, and she's so much fun to be around. Family is such a big deal to me, and a lot of our family members came to her birthday party to show her a little love : )

Oan, thank you for bearing with my god awful lighting and quality of my photos. Needless to say I've just purchased a new camera, and I'm excited to post better pictures of my daily adventures and recipes. Can't wait!

So according to my calendar, Valentines Day is coming up??

Be Fierce. Be Queen. Be You.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Winter Favorites!

My Winter Favorites

Living in Chicago can pretty much suck everyday in the winter. If you've ever experienced a Chicago winter, then you know what I'm talking about! This is seriously the only place you will get all 4 seasons in one week. Being that its been below 0 degrees here, we literally celebrated to get some 40 degree weather! It can be a little hard during the winter season, because it takes such a toll on your skin, the clothes you put on, even the type of mood your in! I've put together some of the items I absolutely CAN NOT live without, and I always find myself grabbing while in the store this season. I recommend all these items, seeing as though these are my current winter faves!

1. Eddie Bauer Valley Down Parka here  / 2. Bath and Body Works "Peach Bellini" Candle here / 3. LUXE Heels here / 4. LUSH Bath Bombs in Butterball/Avobath/Phoenix Rising herehere and here / 5. Little White Dress here / 6. Essie in Poor Lil Rich Girl here/
7. Burt Bee's Beeswax Lip Balm (local pharmacy) / 8. MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in Diva here / 9. Misumi Black Ribbed Fleece Leggings here /10. ALDO Black Quilted Chain Purse here / 11. Oversized Sweaters ( I always buy mines from Zara in store, but you can find some here, here , and here12.Over the Knee Socks in-store here and similar here / 13. Clairsonic "Mia First" Skin Cleansing Device here / 14. Givenchy Leather Knee High Sheath Boots here / 15. MAC LipGlass in Viva Glam here 16. Cetaphil  (local pharmacy) 17. Pink Roses ( local market or floral shop)

I hope you girls enjoy some of my winter favorites. I am always wearing or using one if not a few of these items at any given time. For all my ladies going through this God- forsaken tundra...stay warm :) For those who are living in sunshiny states...and the weather is nice? Send a little shine our way: )

Hugs and Kisses

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Ladies Who Tea....

Happy New Year ladies! I'm so excited this is the first post of the new year, and not to mention my birthday post!!! Yes, yours truly has just turned 24! I hear this is supposed to be my "Kobe Year"? I had such a great New Years this year. Just stayed home with family, watched movies and drank champagne the entire night. One thing about New Years is that my birthday is always right around the corner! My girls really came through for me this year, and I has such a blast! We did a tea party at The Drake Hotel in the Palm Court here in Chicago, and to say it was beautiful is a complete understatement. If you're ever in the Downtown Chicago area, I highly recommend getting afternoon tea. It was so much fun, and they seriously treated us like royalty! Everything from macaroons, to cucumber sandwiches were served, and it was delish! This birthday girl had no complaints! They also had a harpist playing the entire time, and she also played "Happy Birthday" just for me! Here are some shots via the camera roll......

Lauren showing us how it's done!

 I seriously felt like Marie Antoinette I was her in that moment.

  We dressed up in everything tea for the party, and that meant lace, pearls, gloves, the whole nine!

 How good was this chocolate mousse cake with cranberry on the side?

I seriously had the time of my life! Anyone who knows me, knows that my mission in life is to become Queen, or rule a country somewhere, so anything that makes me feel as a pretty big deal! Tea was followed by dinner at the Grand Luxe Cafe, and then Soundbar. We literally danced the entire night. I couldn't have asked for a better 24th birthday : )

Hugs and Kisses



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