Monday, February 10, 2014

Life Via the Camera Roll Pt. 1

Hey girl, hey! Since my last post I've been snowed in 3 times ladies. Yes, 3! I know there should have been at least one post in between the last time we've talked, but due to cabin fever, if it isn't snowing I'm running out the door catch at least a ray of sunlight, or grab some drinks with the ladies. It seems like with this weather if it isn't snowing, it's below 20 degrees, if its not below 20 degrees, its a blizzard. So I know all my girls throughout the Midwest and on the East coast are feeling me right now! Mother nature permitting, we must get outside the house every chance we get! Here are some shots via the camera roll lately.....

 Daddy sent pink flowers to surprise me! I got so many flowers for my birthday, and everyone knows that i absolutely love pink flowers. Thanks everyone!

House Salad from Freshii. One of my fav places to go on my lunch break here in the city! All of their menu items are either vegan, gluten free, or paleo friendly!

 Superbowl Party at this new place in the South Loop, Noveau Tavern (it was super dark, sorry for the blur)
 Drinks w/ my ladies : )

A friend of mines has been recommending this really good sushi place here in the city. The name of the place was Sushi Sai....customer service sucked but the sushi was unbelievable!

LUSH review coming soon!!!

Outback Steakhouse (Australian Vibes only here : ) )

We also celebrated my mom's 55th birthday this past weekend! I'm so blessed to have my mom around, and she's so much fun to be around. Family is such a big deal to me, and a lot of our family members came to her birthday party to show her a little love : )

Oan, thank you for bearing with my god awful lighting and quality of my photos. Needless to say I've just purchased a new camera, and I'm excited to post better pictures of my daily adventures and recipes. Can't wait!

So according to my calendar, Valentines Day is coming up??

Be Fierce. Be Queen. Be You.

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