Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My "Not Mine Valentine"


Mmmm...can't you just smell the love in the air? Valentine's Day is literally right around the corner, and honestly I'm the least bit excited. Well maybe a little, my best friend and I are getting dinner together. A girls thing! Now, I'm not one of those "All Couples Go to Hell" type of people, who hates seeing other women get flowers, and candies, and cookies or whatever. It's just in all my brief 24 years of living...I've never had a true valentine. Yes. Even when I had a boyfriend.

Let me explain.

I've only had one boyfriend or "Valentine" my entire life. We dated for almost two years, and over the course of those two years Valentine's Day still didn't work out for me. First year we were both at separate colleges, and on VDay, I just knew I was going to get showered with love and affection...not to mention my mailbox would be full of  surprises. But nope. 8:00pm rolled around that night, and I was still waiting for a phone call, a package, or even Ashton Kutcher to pop out and tell me that I was getting punked. All I got was a text. Then to make matters worse, I found out that he was passing out flowers and teddy bears to all of the other girls on his campus. All of the other single, lonely, depressed, single girls that were sad on Valentines day. Sweet right?

Second Valentines Day, was a little more complicated. My "Not Mine Valentine" was a party promoter for his school, and they were throwing this uber nice social event for all the lovers and the not so loved ones on campus. He told me that instead of passing off his project to another team member, or simply inviting me to come to the event with him, that we could Skype for Valentines Day and watch movies over Netflix. I was only about a $38.00 train ride to his school, but he insisted that he would be working, and that he would race home to Skype me. Welp. 11:30 rolled around, and you guessed it. There was still no package, I was still waiting by the television and computer screen, and he never showed. I called, and called to catch up with him, but it didn't work out. 2:30am eased on by, and at that point...I figured I had just been played. Again. 

Moral of this story ladies. I'm just like any other girl. I like flowers, and candies, and all that sappy crap. But I've just had really bad luck with Valentine's Day.  But! I will still be posting for my girls that are in love with someone else, and the girls that are...well in love with themselves. Either way...rock on!

Hugs, Kisses, & Shots

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