Saturday, June 21, 2014

Cupcakes + Hello's

 Hello All! 

Yeesh, It's been so long since my last post, but if you take a look around you can see that I've been up to something! Check out the new blog! I am super excited to finally roll out the new idea/vision for where I want my blog to go now. I have been in collaboration with a well known graphic designer, Fabulous K linked below, and together have developed my new creative home. Will post about this in an upcoming post, (i.e the name change, color inspiration, etc.). Otherwise, life has been pretty busy! A few weeks ago I caught up with a girlfriend of mines, and like many other 20 somethings scowered Groupon for the cheapest deals for things we could fill our bucket list with. We actually came across a great deal called the Chicago Cupcake Tour, which toured various famous bakeries throughout the South/West Loop & River North Areas. Ladies I had a blast! I have a mean thing for sweets, so this was right up my alley. If you're ever in the Chicago area, I recommend stopping at one of these cupcake places while your in the city. Let's just say you will NOT be disappointed! Check out my reviews and pictures of my cupcake tour below!


50 E Walton St, Chicago, IL 60611


First stop on our cupcake tour was to the ever famous Sprinkles! Sprinkles are known for their large cupcakes, and never ending frosting they're topped with. These tasty treats are such a delight! They can be a bit on the pricey side, but its truly worth it. This was my absolute favorite stop on the cupcake tour : )

Sprinkles also has a cupcake ATM that they keep fully stocked 24 hours a day, so even after hours you can stop by the shop, and indulge in one of these sweet treats!

The Berkshire Room 
15 E Ohio St. Chicago, IL

Second stop on the tour was The Berkshire Room, which doubled as a small deli/coffee joint under the ACME Hotel. The Berkshire Room is famous for the cupcake pops...which come in just about every flavor! These cupcakes were extremely sweet, and the frosting is uber thick, so luckily they have  a bar within the vicinity to wash all of that goodness down...responsibly of course!

  Crumbs Bake Shop
303 W Madison St. Chicago, IL

Crumbs Bakery has to be one of my favorite cupcake places here in the city! As you can see I didn't get many shots here, because I was too busy stuffing my face. They have a variety of flavors as well, ranging from cotton candy, chocolate turtle, birthday cake flavors, the list goes on! Crumbs is everywhere in the city, and they even have a pop up bakery located on the 2nd floor in the Water Tower. This is definitely my go to for sure!

1 E Delaware Pl, Chicago, IL.

MORE cupcakes was located right around the corner of the Gold Coast of Chicago. This wasn't my absolute favorite stop on the tour, as MORE's motto is " Anything you can eat, can be made into a cupcake". Their flavors included Cupcake BLT, Salted Caramel cupcakes, and even have a "Happy Hour" set up ever Friday which showcases their more adult friendly cupcakes such as " Gin and Tonic" , "Lemon Drops" , and even a "Hennessy Cupcake". Like I said wasn't my absolute favorite, but had tons of potential. I also lala love being in the Gold Coast! So many little shops to go in, and outside restaurants to get daytime cocktails from!

 We stopped a few more places on the cupcake tour. I fully recommend doing one of these if your ever in the Chicago area. Gives you a great chance to taste some sweet treats, and also see this beautiful city I live in! It feels so good to be back ladies, and I'm so pumped to share more exciting things with you! Did you ladies notice my new camera?

Hugs and Kisses


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