Monday, July 7, 2014

Stars , Stripes & Skylines

Hey love-bugs! How was your holiday weekend? Mines was fantastic! I have to say one of the great things about living in this beautiful city, is there is always something to do. As some of you know I come from a large family, which meant tons of BBQ, cookouts, and family time...which don't get me wrong is wonderful. But this year the mom (my roadie as I like to call her) and I just wanted to hang solo, and opted for a more non-traditional celebration of our country's independence. We went to The Pier, or Navy Pier for those who have never been to Chicago. If you're ever in my city I highly recommend visiting the pier, as it's one of Chicago's greatest historical landmarks, not to mention there's so much to do! Check out me and the roadie's pics of our 4th of July fun below!

Check out the roadie!! Haha look at her, she's so fun! Chicago seriously has thee best skyline.

Nothing but sun and the windy city!

The famous Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, which I have yet to get on ladies! It's been on my bucket list each summer...and can you believe I was this close to it and did not get on? It's extremely high, and is right over Lake Michigan...the roadie didn't want to get on with me...and I definitely wasn't conquering these heights alone!

 The Pier has so many good restaurants to choose from. We opted for Margaritaville, and had probably the biggest burgers I have ever seen! Drinks were delish, and the waiters and staff here made us feel so welcome!

Speadboat Sailing!

The Chicago Skyline..ugh its so pretty! This is a view from the speedboat ( which if you've never done, I highly recommend trying it one day) and there were so many pictures I took, I had such a hard time trying to decide which one I wanted to post, they were all so nice! I've posted more pics here on my Instagram.

Sooo many independent shops to choose from on the inside of the Pier. Also home of the Chicago Children's Museum!

Went closer to home for the fireworks display towards the evening. I didn't get many shots, as I just wanted to sit and enjoy the show! 

I hope you ladies really enjoyed your weekend like I did! I had so much fun, and a good relaxing time off from work. Look forward to my upcoming post! If ever you want to keep in contact with me, find me on Instagram or check out my social handles above!


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