Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hello Again...

So I haven't written in a while. Actually, I haven't written in 6 months to be exact. I promise I haven't fell off the face of the earth, and actually if you follow my Instagram you'd see just the opposite. I've been living. I mean really, truly living. So many things have changed since my last posts. I don't visit the same places, I don't do the same things. Can we catch up?

Since we last "spoke", I've traveled! Quite a bit actually. I work in a different profession now, one that allows me to do a lot of traveling. :) I've been to New York, St. Louis , Texas, Miami, Jersey, and most recently but not work related, to Nassau, Bahamas for a mini vacay and my birthday! Bahama birthday pics will be posted separately of course. I'm still pretty young, so this is really my first time traveling to so many different places. What else?

I've tried SO many different restaurants and foods, it makes my head spin! The environment that I work in causes me to meet tons of people everyday, and the result of that is making new friends. New friends, that live in all different parts of the city, and the world, and because of that I've tried so many different new things! Most of course right here in my city, and like any girl that's true to her hometown, I swore I was a true Chicagoan. I thought I knew where to get the best drinks, what bars had the best DJ's, what hotel's had the best views? Boy was I wrong! There's world's upon world's of different places to see, and different things to do, and I feel like I've done everything but realistically I'm just getting started!

I've caught a few Broadway plays, participated in a few dance classes, learned about taxes, kissed a few Dolphins, played with Stingrays, volunteered my time to children in need, baked a triple layer butter cream frosted, salted caramel cake (just wait for that post) and it tasted just as good as the pictures look. But all this to say, and not to brag, but I've been truly living. Living life as my best self. But with everything that I did, in the back of my mind I always thought of my blog, and my writing, and my friends that email waiting for the next post, and I didn't feel right. I like writing, I like sharing my life, and my ideas and my opinions, and I've neglected that. For good reason of course, but with a new year comes new balance.

I'm in my prime time of life right now, and I feel very blessed and fortunate to be where I am. I am in no means anywhere near where I want to be, But I want to share that with you. You, who's reading this post right now. I come into contact with so many young girls, and young women that I don't think are living their best lives right now. Granted the way the media portrays us, and the substantial lack of female role models, who can we look up to? Who can we be? Who will celebrate us? Us, as in the women who wake up everyday and want to be something great, but unsure how or where to start? Us, as in the women who value themselves enough to make things happen on their own, and not have their hands out. Who don't lay on their backs to get business. Who don't let their asses hang out and shake to get financial security. Us women who aren't throwing drinks, pulling weaves, and fighting for attention. Women who are better than that. Who strive to be better than that. Women who live their best lives. 

If it takes me living my best life, in hopes that someone, anyone out there reading will get motivated enough to live theirs then that's what I'll do. If you, the reader, don't feel adequate enough, and looked over, I will celebrate you. I will motivate you. And hopefully, in some way you too will one day grab life by the face, and kiss it.

So...hello again. I'm back.

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