Sunday, May 17, 2015

Spring in Chicago

Living and working in the city you never know what to dress for. In the Midwest, mostly Chicago because we're so close to the lake, we can experience every season in one week! Fall, Winter, Summer, and what we look forward to the most...Spring! I'm always looking for ways to wear bright colors when we get more sun, just because I feel so much better, and so does everyone around me! I try to liven up my closet, and swap out all of the fall/winter colors, with brighter/cooler colors. Notice I said swap colors..and not items. Our weather is so tricky here during this time you never know what to expect, so I generally still keep my sweaters/jackets hanging around just in case.

For just a casual day around the city, I wore this bright yellow dress, paired with my trusty rain boots, and field jacket from J.Crew (which I'm currently living in these days).  In my opinion, skater dresses are so girly, and for my girly girls out there I'd recommend pairing with a statement necklace. It's like bringing champagne to a party! Liven it up a little! This was a very casual day for me, but I always say "Best dressed, is over dressed.." :) See more of my springy look below!

 One thing I love about the spring? Flowers! I always make it a point to stop and grab a fresh bouquet for either my desk or the house. They always put me in the best mood.

Images by Andrea Pascalau

Currently as I'm posting, when I look outside its sunny, and its warm...but if I look down the street...the skies are a dark ugly grey...which means a storm is coming. In light of your week, always may be going through things that feel rough and windy...but the sun always comes out, and it always shines :)

Love you sunshines!


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