Sunday, July 12, 2015

New York...I Love You ♥

Recently I took a trip to NYC! I've never been to the New York City, so I was so pumped to go. When I learned that I was going, I started singing that song from the movie "Annie" ( I'll post below). But I sang it no lie, 1000 times lol. When I touched down in NY, I cabbed to Manhattan. Im all about the moment, and also a big cheese, and luckily my cab driver was so nice. He let me hook up my ipod and we played Jay Z's Empire State of Mind while cabbing to Manhattan. lol! Being from the city I was used to seeing skyscrapers and skylines, but this was on a whole different level. It really lived up to it's name as the "Concrete Jungle". There were buildings everywhere. The shops were buildings, restaurants were in buildings, even a lot of the residential areas were nothing but buildings! New York definitely had a vibe about it, way different than Chicago. It had so much personality, and was just so different, and there were people everywhere! I added a few pics below from my trip!

View from the Top! I did all the tourist things (of course) while I was there. This picture was taken from the famous Rockerfellar center. There was a skydeck that we rode 100 floors up to, to get the best pictures of the Empire State Building.

Bottom of Rockerfeller Center. I just thought this was really cool. What city do you know has massive animal shaped landscape in the middle of the city?
I stayed at The W Times Square. This is the city right outside my building.

Times Square!

One thing i found out quickly, was at 2am, when I was going to bed all of this was still lit up. I had to request earplugs and thankfully the hotel had dark curtains that I pulled. But when I got up in the middle of the still looked just like this outside lol.
Gosh...what a view. Central Park...which we did get a chance to visit while we were there! We obviously couldn't get through everything, but on our way to the MET, we stopped through Central Park!

Dylan's Candy Bar...for the candy feins like me.

Got a chance to see the NY Ballet while we were there! I'm a big Gossip Girl Fan, and we definitely stopped on the Upper East Side to take a few photos.

New York was truly a blast, and glad to say I made a few friends along the way. I hear it's beautiful in the Fall, so that's definitely on my list of things to do!

 For your enjoyment :) My family was SO sick of me by the time my trip came LOL!


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