Sunday, August 23, 2015

Good Girls

Happy Sunday ladies! Was so mad this morning, I got up to do this post, and for some reason my previous post "The New Business Casual" had been accidentally deleted! Probably an accident on my part for sure, but I had put SO much into that post, and had to re-do the entire thing. Which got me thinking, and led me to do a completely different post today than the one that I had planned. I planned to blab about my favorite rompers, and how it's pretty much the perfect outfit for someone who's lazy like me...but can I be real?

Re- writing my post had me so frustrated, because the first one was SO good, and I stayed up for hours putting myself into it, only for it to disappear (per my fault) and have to be re-done. After all that work, I didn't want to re- do it. I've actually been really frustrated lately, because I've been putting out so much into the world, and into others, only to feel like I was never going to see the fruits of my labor. Let me be real transparent for you. I'm the type of girl that prefers to stay in and watch Netflix and order pizza, I'd rather read a book then sit on the phone and gossip. When I do go out I'm not the one standing on the table shaking my ass, or pissy drunk making out with the guy who brought me a drink. I have a concrete deep passion for helping others, and try my best to give to others just because I know they can't give to me. But most of all, I have a relationship with Christ, and I fail him every day, but make it a point to work on my relationship with Him. There are some women who's lifestyles make it so hard for women like me, and lately I've been feeling so overlooked. No judgement here, but it's like I'm the cow, and they're the free milk. (re: "Why buy the cow and you can get the milk for free?") Us cows have to work triple hard at being great, and showing how great we are, because we live in a society that glorifies free milk givers.

I guess I'm just trying to say, when you feel like giving up in whatever it is your doing whether it be your craft, or the type of person you want the world to perceive you as...don't give up. Keep being different, keep being creative, keep being the true woman that you are. No matter how left out you may feel, or overlooked, shake it off, and do it again. Always remember you really can have anything you want. A great man, a great job, money, and even status. But because you're carrying your self respect and dignity with'll just take you a little longer. :)

Girls with substance aren't out of style...we're just outnumbered...

 Bracelets: Alex and Ani |  Wristlet: Express | Romper: Express (Sold Out)

Because I'm so nice, I still made sure to include my favorite romper picks below. Summer isn't gone yet, and if you're in the Chi like me, you may never know when it'll leave, but at least you'll look good in the meantime :)

Big Hugs, and Big Kisses

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