Sunday, August 23, 2015

The New Business Casual

Hi lovers! Today's OOTD is a bit different than the rest. Business Casual. Yes, let's talk about it. Not just old school business casual either. The new business casual.  I'll never forget when I went on my first interview for a job right out of college, and my mom made me wear a dark blue navy blue suit and jacket, with a basic white collared shirt. The jacket was ill fitted, and the pants were too long. I felt miserable. Not only am I nervous about landing a job, but I'm not looking to good either. Correction, I didn't look or feel good at all. One of the BIG misconceptions about corporate environments, is that there's a strict dress code. Just because it says business professional/casual on the door, doesn't mean you have to go to work looking dull. Now, there's nothing wrong with the blue suit I wore, only it was rather outdated, and I didn't feel good in it. I'm happy to say I landed the job, but boy did I learn something when I first walked in. See my tips below on achieving the new business casual, and how to rock it and make it your own!

1. Presentation. This is my number one rule, before anything. Holy Grail. No matter what you put on your body, whether it's work clothes, casual, or your going to the gym be presentable! Since I am often in a corporate setting, sometimes I see ladies walk in disheveled, hair still wet or not even combed for that matter, looking like they just rolled out of bed. Grab your brush, your comb, flat iron, and make sure you look presentable!

2. Blouses. Instead of the regular button downs, white/blue collared tops, try swapping with a flowy blouse? One that fits well, and comes in different colors. I get most of mines from Loft or Express, but you can find them anywhere, at any price. Flowy blouses pair well tucked in with pencil skirts, their so feminine.

3. Switch it up. More "mixy-mixy", less "matchy matchy". Why go for one color in the same shade. Try going for different shades, or bolder shades like pinks, or oranges in the Fall. You can also do different shades of the same color like I did here. Add's a little personality to your regular ootd if you ask me.

4. Pencil Skirts. Yes, pencil skirts ladies. Let's talk about it. Great for summer, but can also be worn with tights in the Fall/Winter with a beautiful pair of riding boots. Pencil skirts elongate the body, showing off enough curve, but not too much, and can be so versatile. I like pencil skirts regular skirts don't fit well on me, they make me look boxy. Whereas with a pencil, your playing up your femininity. You can literally where it with anything, any way. Versatility is key ladies.

5. Blazers. Give a girl a good blazer and she can rule the world. Not the old, ill fitted blazers that your mom use to wear, or still has in her closet (mines does), but a beautifully tailored blazer. Blazers come in all different styles, but I like to stick to the ones that are more fitted, and that I can cuff on the ends. You can also dress these down too, after work for happy hour, or meeting the girls for dinner on Friday. I usually bring a pair of jeans and a tank, and keep my blazer on.

6. Accessorize. Have fun! What better way to play up an outfit, and your lovely facial features, than with a statement necklace? Statement necklaces add a whole different dynamic to your regular business casual outfit. They're so glam, but not over the top because their so many to choose from.

7. Nude Shoes. I'm all for a good leather pump for a business setting. It goes with everything, but nude shoes are so in right now. I have several nude pumps, and I usually where them when I'm wearing lots of color. I don't like to put black shoes when I have on brighter colors. Instead I use the nudes. When paired with my pencil skirts, it makes my legs look even longer. Next time your pumping it out, listen to the click clack you make across the floor....can we say #GIRLBOSS?

8. Creativity. Stop playing it safe ladies. I mean don't show up to work with your club clothes on, or anything thats too tight, or have your girls out meeting your coworkers. Always remember what enviroment your in, but dont forget your creativity. I'd like to think that what you wear is a representation of yourself, so if your going out for that new job, trying to land that promotion, or just sprucing up your everyday wardobe, get creative!

Always remember lovelies, no matter what you put on your body, whether it's in or not, make sure it represents you. Wear what makes you happy. Put on what makes you feel beautiful. Because if you feel good on the inside, doesnt matter if your pumps are black or blue, your hair is up or down...everyone will still see that beauty in you too. 

Love and light ladies...

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