Sunday, September 13, 2015

Taco Night

So some of you may know I'm a big family person. I'm a family person, because my family are "family people". We get together a lot, even for the smallest things there's at least 40 of us there. We're together for birthday's, anniversaries, holidays, and even just regular old Saturday's when no one has nothing to do. Recently one of my fave cousins Sam (also self proclaimed foodie like myself) hosted Taco Night at her place. It was supposed to just be " a few people", but with a family like mines there's no such thing as a "a few". I'm always so grateful for Sam, because her and her hubby always open their doors for everyone, and I have NEVER left her place hungry. Here are a few photos from Taco Night below!

Can we take a minute to appreciate this bomb taco bar though?

 Don't forget the beans!
 Tugga Tugga

So I can't remember the name of this game for the life of me ya'll but sh*t gets real, when we play this game. LOL! I'm a beginner, and some of my fam are legit pro's at this game. To be honest it's a lot like bingo...only we play for money., and if you're not paying attention you will lose your money. (comment below if you know this game)

Always the right time for a selfie! (that's Sam btw :) )

 After several rounds of salad bowl it got intense...look at my mom's face (in the blue) lol. 

 Hey family! ( and this isn't event everyone who was there )

Couldn't leave this one out. Someone decided to go put his PJ's on and feed Justin Beiber. :)

Be bold this week!



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