Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Hello November

 Fall is probably my most favorite time of year hands down. First, I love the Fall months because the weather starts to change, and I get to wear all of my cool tights, flop hats, and the Salted Caramel Mocha comes back to Starbucks!!! ( Sorry to all the PSL fans, I cant get with that) But also every year in October and November since I was about 6, I go apple picking! Apple picking has been a tradition in my family that once started with my dad. The entire family will usually drive about 2.5 hours to Jolly Orchards in Coloma, Michigan and spend the entire day picking apples, carving pumpkins, riding the hay rides, and then the best part...the haunted house. The orchard lays upon acres and acres of land, with a farmhouse that sells any time of apple or pumpkin flavored item you can think of. Since my dad lives in TX now, we haven't had the opportunity to go to Michigan in a while. However there is an awesome substitute in Indiana, that gives me that same sense of "Fall-ness" that Michigan did. It's called County Line Orchard, and is jam packed with all those Fall favorite activities that we love! My best friend and I went to County Line last week and got in a few pics on the iPhone. :)

Never stand between a girl and her Salted Caramel Mocha!
So when we discovered County Line people were coming out with DOZENS of donuts, and I didn't understand all the hype, until I actually ATE one! When I say these are THEE best donuts I have ever had?!! I exercised a lot of self control and only brought one dozen, but even if there were no apples or pumpkins, or Salted Caramel Mocha stops to Starbucks on the way ( pictured above) I'd still go all the way to County Line for the donuts. Its that serious.

Apple picking is definitely a tradition I will carry on once I have my own family because it creates so many good memories! I hope you are enjoying this Fall season, the crisp weather changes, and eating all the donuts your heart desires :)

Have a sweet week!

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