Friday, January 1, 2016

Rosemary & Garlic NY Strip Steak

Happy New Year!!!

Can you believe it's already 2016?! I can't, my 26th birthday is coming up, and I can still remember every sober detail of my 21st. New Year's resolutions anyone? I tend not to make resolutions, I have several goals that I'd like to accomplish sooner than later, but I don't have a deadline to them. Just from 2015 I learned that I am evolving, and changing constantly, and some of the goals that I started out with at the beginning of the year, changed because of my circumstances, and the way my life was going. One of my goals in 2015 was to master every recipe that I knew, or semi knew. Basic stuff my father taught me ( over the phone ) like how to cook a full turkey on Thanksgiving, making dressing from scratch, how to make meals that will stretch like pastas, and also the art of the Cajun crab boil. There's so much that I know now ( yes, dusting off my shoulder ) but I stopped feeling the challenge. My love for cooking came not too long ago. My mother doesn't know how to cook, but that's because she never had to. My grandmother always did the cooking when she grew up, and she married right away, and my father is a huge cook, so all she had to do was eat and clean. I however did not want that trait passed down to me, and love getting my friends and family together at the table to sit and truly enjoy a down home meal.

So, one thing I'd really like to accomplish is teaching myself new recipes that I'm not familiar with, and mastering those to share with you. To kick off this life changing, awesome, incredible new year I'm starting with a Rosemary & Garlic NY Strip Steak dinner! My recipe is below, and trust me it really is as good as it looks.

Olive Oil
Rosemary Leaves
3 Garlic Cloves
Corse Sea Salt

- To start I prepped my steak by cleaning, and seasoning with just salt and pepper. I'd usually use some form of seasoning salt, but since I'm adding the rosemary leaves and garlic cloves later, I didn't want it to over season. I also added a handful of red potatoes as a quick side.  

- Turn your oven on to the highest setting In my case it was BROIL, but ovens may vary. This will be the last step of the recipe, but will want to have your oven hot and ready when it's time. 

- Add olive oil to your skillet, nothing specific just make sure the bottom is coated. Add your rosemary, and garlic cloves. Turn your skillet on to it's middle setting, and let the oil heat until you hear the garlic start to cook.

- You MUST wait for the sizzle, because if not your skillet isn't hot enough, and you'll want it to be really hot before you add your steak.  

- Add your steak to the skillet once its hot. Now, do not flip it to the other side for 2 to 3 minutes. You'll want it to get a nice brown and start to crisp before you flip it over. Once flipped, do the same thing for the other side. One thing I've learned just from watching cooking shows, and other chefs in the kitchen, I don't cut my steak while its in the skillet because I want to keep as many juices as possible on the inside. When you cut, you start to loose the juice, and it starts to dry because it's still cooking while it's open.  

- Once you're three minutes are up on the other side, keep it on that same side, and put it directly in the oven close to the heat but not directly on it. For example, the top heater in  my over ( or whatever you call it, coil maybe?) is funny acting, but the bottom gets really hot. So I placed my skillet 2 racks above the bottom coil, and let cook for 6 minutes.

- Once your 6 minutes are up, take out of the oven, and place your steak on a cutting board and let it sit for a couple of minutes. This allows for all that rosemary, and garlic seasonings to set in.  Once it's set, plate and enjoy!

- So obviously your cooking times will vary, based on how you like your steak cooked. I like mines with just a tad bit of pink ( and I do mean just a tad), so I made mines to the point where it was almost well done. If you like your steaks rare, or medium-well, you'll want to lessen the time it spends in the skillet on each side, and also the time it spends in the oven. 

And Walah!

I hope you find some time to enjoy your New Year's and a good meal finds you! Until next time, peace and love. :)

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