Wednesday, April 27, 2016

TRAVEL VLOG: Amber Cove, St. Thomas, San Juan & Grand Turk

Our first official night on the boat we had the “Captains Ball”, where the entire group wore all black. We met up early on the ship to take pictures, and while we were waiting for dinner there was a live band playing radio hits, from old school to new school…and although we weren’t expecting it, we ended up getting up and dancing our butts off before dinner! The One Love traveling group was so much fun to travel with, as these ladies really do party. We started dancing with our selves, and then before we knew it we had literally everyone on the dance floor!
Every night on the ship we had a “formal” dinner, and a couple of nights we color coordinated. But at formal dinner you can order anything you want on the menu, and however much you want. That means if you wanted 4 entrée’s of the broiled lobster and steak dinner…you got 4 entrée’s of the broiled lobster and steak dinner.

Our first stop  in the Dominican Republic was so much fun. We didn’t stay in the tourist area too long, as we wanted to get into the city. We were driving, and there are no stop lights, or street lights and I was scared for my life! Lots of stop and go traffic, and the people in the DR ride motorcycles a lot. So a lot of them were weaving in and out of the cards, and geez it was so uncomfortable.

But while we were there we did tons of sightseeing, and shopped in the local shops. We stopped at a cigar shop where they were making fresh cigars right on the spot. As you can see in the video I did try it out lol. It wasn’t bad, and I didn’t inhale (apparently you’re not supposed to) but I promise I am NOT a smoker...I just so happen to know how to blow smoke circles lol.

We stopped in the USVI, and docked in St. Thomas. Booking our shore excursion through Carnival, we did end up taking a smaller boat to St. John to go to Cruz Bay. Cruz Bay is a private beach and one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. It was unreal. The water, the mountains, the birds…everything was unreal. We just laid out most of our time there because it started to rain. It was so beautiful though because the sun was still shining while it was raining. I stayed out in the rain just to take it all in, but then decided to start heading back to St. John, as we didn’t want to get bit by any mosquito's out in the islands.

I didn’t know black people could sunburn ( blame it on me living in the Midwest), but LORD did I get sunburn! It hurt so bad! By the time I got to San Juan, Puerto Rico I had cell phone service and called my dad asap. My mom jokingly calls him the family doctor because he has the answer for everything that could go wrong with your body. :)
San Juan was so incredible, ( and incredibly hot)! The locals have such a pride for San Juan, and it was just such a sight to see. We did a tour through San Juan and stopped at a lot of tourist areas. At the end of our tour we walked a lot through the city, and into the various shops. We stopped at one of the local restaurants and tried the chicken tacos…which ended up being really good much to my surprise! I don’t have the strongest stomach so I try not to eat too many different foods. I had already been stuffing my face on the ship everyday and night, so I didn’t want to push it but it was so good! 

Our last stop was in the Grand Turk. There weren’t many shops in the Grand Turk as there were in the other places we visited. But there were TONS of beaches. My mom and I stayed at this little beach hut/bar on the sand for a couple of hours and drank pina coladas and took tons of pictures. We both were just so glad to be away from home, and in each others company, and what a place to relax and unwind in right?!

Me and Nisha ( my new friend I met through the traveling group) went swimming in the ocean, and there was just so much to take in! There were fish in the water that were just swimming around us, totally not afraid of us at all. They were yellow, and blue, and clear and it was so incredible!!! I thought it was cute for a while until one swam up to the surface and kind of jumped up on Nisha...and then I was done. :) 

That night One Love celebrated Juanita’s birthday, and we partied! The ship always had something for us to do each night after dinner whether that be karaoke, a comedy show, a night club, the casino…I mean I could go on forever. They also showed movies on a huge big screen on the open deck, and you could go watch movies with your family and friends right out on the ocean. The experience was unreal you guys, and I highly recommend a cruise if you have not already done so!

I hope you like my travel vlog, and pictures from my trip! I didn’t know how much I actually needed a vacation until I actual left. It was so relaxing, so beautiful, and really put things into perspective. Travel while you can ladies and gents. The world is SO big out there, and we are so incredibly small. The things that we think matter so much, really don’t. The people that I met while I was away showed me that we are truly blessed. I don’t have much, but I’m so blessed and grateful for the things that I do have, because some people don’t have that. So with that being said. Travel. Book the trip, get a group together, and travel. See the world, no matter what bills you have to pay, or what problems you currently have. That’s always going to be there. But this world is such an incredible, beautiful and simple place…and you should go see it. I know I am. ;)

For more information on the traveling group I traveled with visit the One Love traveling page. Tell them Ashley sent you!!

Bon Voyage until next time!


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