Monday, April 4, 2016


Hi Friends!
Exciting week this week! I'm taking a much needed vacation, and will be cruising through the West Indies! This week on the blog, I wanted to share with you my travel look! Depending on what and where I'm flying into, is how I dress for the airport. If it's a late flight, and I'm just going straight to my hotel or where I'm staying for my trip I usually would wear leggings, and a comfy t shirt or sweater, with a jacket to stay warm on the plane. However, if I'm meeting up with someone, or going straight to an event I try to keep it cute but still casual with a pair of jeans, or a nice blazer as it makes it easier to dress up my outfit once I get off the plane. See below for more pictures and details of my most recent travel look!

I'm so excited to leave the states for a while, and get some much needed R&R time. I'll be vlogging my trip (for the first time) and getting some good vacay looks for you while I'm away! I encourage you to get up and book that trip that you've been dying to go on. Live. See the World. You're job, those bills, and all of those other excuses that's holding you back from going...will be there when you get back. :)

Stay connected with me on my trip and add me on SnapChat!

Happy Sailing!

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