Monday, July 11, 2016


I'm a sucker for any type of African/tribal prints, especially because the good ones are so hard to find! I've seen tons of skirts and dresses with African and/or tribal prints, and not all of it looks right to me. Either they are really traditional prints, or the complete opposite and are Aztec prints. I found this skirt almost 6 years ago at Loft, and still to this day when I wear it I get so many compliments on it so I had to get it on the blog! I love wearing this skirt,  not only because it looks good, but makes me feel good about myself while I'm in it. I am a young, smart, and gifted African American queen, and wearing bold, strong, and fearless prints such as these truly makes me feel like I embody that. I mean ladies can't you agree? For one, never underestimate the power of a good pencil skirt, and second,  because of the sacrifices the queens before us have made, it is our birthright to be powerful, bold, and fearless in everything we do.

To recreate my look I've included some of my favorite tribal skirts below! 

Be proud, be bold, be fearless,

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