Sunday, August 7, 2016

Boat Day

Hi loves! I've been enjoying my summer so much it's unreal you guys. I made it a point before the summer even started to get outside, and truly enjoy myself. Summertime Chi is no joke, and thee most beautiful season there is, in any city, and you have to see it to believe it. Recently me and some of my girls took a trip to the lake, and decided to do some boating! We rented a small boat, which just so happened to be BYOB, and brought snacks, music...and you pretty much know how it goes from there. The captain was so incredibly nice, and literally waited on us hands and foot. Once we set sail we cranked up the tunes, and enjoyed an entire afternoon on the water. See my pics from our boat adventure below!

Just spraying a little champ, no big deal. :)

Just a couple of girls living our lives to the fullest, one bottle of champagne at a time! Sending special love and good vibes to my girlfraaans, who are real life #GIRLBOSSES, and are fearless in everything that they do. 



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