Monday, October 24, 2016

Sweater Dresses X Rebecca Minkoff

Are these days flying or what? It is literally October 24th? Like Halloween is a week did that happen? It was just August, and I was enjoying my summer...and now i'm full on in sweaters, jackets and scarves!!! The only thing good about this type of weather is the clothes though I must say. Anyone can throw on a sundress, or a romper and be super cute...but it takes a true fashionista to pull off a bomb fall wardrobe! I pulled these boots from the back of my closet ( even though they weren't that far back because I donned them at the Formation World Tour Concert, and got my entire life in these babies) and paired with a chunky sweater dress from Misguided. Sweater dresses are so cute, because they do actually keep you warm, but you don't lose your body in them, like you would in most sweaters and/or fall dresses. It's big enough around you so that you're comfy, but with the off the shoulder touch, and scrunch at the hemline, it adds just the right spice to your look.

I paired mines with a leather jacket (of course), and my most recent fave that i've in la la love over, my new Rebecca Minkoff bag! I discovered RM not too long ago, as I usually scour over the NYFW blog post from other bloggers, and literally stalk the website to watch the shows on the live stream. What I loved instantly about Rebecca's line, is that it's made for the every day woman, that was meant to stand out! A lot of pieces that I saw at NYFW were beautiful, and true pieces of art...but let's face it...I'm not going to meet my friends for dinner in this gorgeous, architectural, abstract skirt, that poofs out in 6 different ways, has sharp edges, and certainly not made for girls with hips...feel me? Maybe I'm a bit dramatic...but you know what I'm talking about! That's not to discredit the beautiful fashion designers and their visions on these pieces because if given the chance, I would absolutely wear this architectural skirt that goes 6 different ways, and made for a girl with no hips...given the chance. But anyway, RM's line has so many different pieces, for any type of woman, with any type of budget! I wear this bag everywhere. To brunch with my girls, dinner with family, a night out in the city...even grocery shopping! You can shop my look below, and I also added a few other pieces that are similar to my look, but I thought would look fab together.

Monday, October 10, 2016


Back at it again! I'm currently  traveling right now, but wanted to share my love for this new camo jacket from Nasty Gal! Surprisingly camo prints are so in right now, which back in the day I would have never worn it. But, I feel like there's so many different variations to the camo jackets, and so many ways to wear them now which makes them so cute and in. I paired my jacket with some black jeans and a low cut, black bodysuit. Kept it casual, but still sexy enough to stand out. Shop my look below!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Devil in a Blue Dress

Did anyone ever see that movie? Or know the song? That’s all I kept thinking about when we were shooting this look. This look can either be really formal, or in my case casual when paired with the right accessories. I felt so unstoppable when I wore this, mainly because the wind was working in my favor for once in my life, which made the photos turn out bomb. Which is a lot for me to say, because I am my worst critic. My mom always gets on me about how hard I can be on myself when it comes to the decisions that I make, things that I do, or the way that I look. To be 100% transparent, it’s second nature to me when I look at photos of myself to automatically find what’s wrong with the photo. Ridiculous, but my honest to God truth and I don’t think I’m alone here. “Ugh, look at my hair.” “My arms look too big.”Delete that, I don’t look good.” “Don’t post that, I look like I ate a whale.” Sound familiar?

Our minds are automatically trained to look for the bad in everything, especially when it comes to how we look at ourselves. I fall victim to it on the daily, and we don’t realize what negative effects it has on our personal/professional lives, or our self-confidence! Today as I was reviewing these photos from my most recent shoot, I instantly started to point out all of the 100 things I didn’t like about my photos. But I stopped, and reversed my train of thought, to instead of think of 100 things that could be wrong, think of 100 things that are right! We have to remind ourselves, that yes we are human too, with human feelings, and emotions, and if we don’t talk down or make others feel bad about themselves, why do we do it to ourselves? I’m 100% guilty. But I have to remind myself to be gentle with myself, and to love on myself a little harder than before, because no one will love you, or appreciate you, or take care of you…the way you do.So be nice!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Sunday Dinner Series: Sweet Potatoes

Happy Sunday! 

Sharing my recipe for yummy sweet potatoes, as I think it's appropriate now that its October!! Can you believe it? Time is flying, it was just summer like a week ago. Fall is my most favorite season, and this month I'll be sharing some of my favorite seasonal recipes. To start, I'm kicking off October with my sweet potato recipe. Super easy, great as a side dish, and great to freeze if you make a big batch, and want to save the rest for a later time. I enjoy sweet potatoes with Fried Chicken, but this dish can be served with any type of meat. Enjoy!

Sweet Potatoes (thoroughly cleaned)

1. Start by washing your sweet potatoes thoroughly. They can come really dirty, and even though you are pealing them, I always make sure to wash the outsides, because you don't want to work with dirty food. 

2. After your sweet potatoes are washed, peel them, and chop into 1/4th inch pieces. Can be diced, but I keep it simple and chop my sweet potatoes in the form that they came, so my pieces come out in circles. Rinse these off under cool water thoroughly.

3. Get a large skillet out, and put on medium heat. I usually put 1 stick of butter chopped into my skillet, and then all of my sweet potatoes. Once your potatoes are in, add about 1/2 cup of sugar, a generous amount of cinnamon, and a generous amount of nutmeg. I do not measure how much I use because eventually I'll be adding more of each seasoning. Your potatoes will start to cook down, and carmelize, and you'll be able to taste what you need more of as they begin to cook.

4. Cover your skillet, and do not stir. Once the heat sets in, and your butter starts to melt, it will creat a "steaming" affect to your potatoes. With your sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg covered on the top it will begin to caramelize. I cook on medium heat until I see my butter at the bottom of the skillet start to bubble, then I turn my stove to low heat. 

5. Let cook on low for half hour, stirring occasionaly. My first stir is after I see my sugar starting to carmelize at the top, and my butter is bubbling. I stir very sparingly, as the potatoes will start to get really tender, and you don't want to accidentally break you potatoes, or mash them. My rule of thumb is, when I go to stir, to taste the flavor that comes off on my spoon. If it's lacking sweetness, I add a generous amount of sugar, if I need more cinnamon I add a little more, and so on for the nutmeg. Careful adding nutmeg because it's such a strong flavor, so when I add nutmeg I do so sparingly because I don't want it to overpower the sugar and the cinnamon. 

6. After about a half hour - 45 minutes, your potatoes should be tender. You should be able to put a fork straight through them, with the potato coming right off the fork. This means that they are ready. The cinnamon and nutmeg should have darkened your potatoes at this point, and you will see the caramelization in the skillet. That is the best part of the sweet potatoes, as it just puts the taste to this dish over the top. Serve immediately, as you don't want your wet ingredients in the skillet to coagulate.

And there you have it! Yummy, easy, and the best sweet potatoes you'll ever taste!!! Warning, I wouldn't eat this dish on the regular, as it is high in sugar, so I treat myself and family to this dish every blue moon, usually paired with Fried Chicken (because that's how grandma did it :) ) but like I said, you can play around with the amount of this recipe because the dry ingredients are not measured, and you can use however many potatoes you like. If you make too much these are easy to freeze, and re-thaw for a later dinner.

Happy October!

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