Monday, October 3, 2016

Devil in a Blue Dress

Did anyone ever see that movie? Or know the song? That’s all I kept thinking about when we were shooting this look. This look can either be really formal, or in my case casual when paired with the right accessories. I felt so unstoppable when I wore this, mainly because the wind was working in my favor for once in my life, which made the photos turn out bomb. Which is a lot for me to say, because I am my worst critic. My mom always gets on me about how hard I can be on myself when it comes to the decisions that I make, things that I do, or the way that I look. To be 100% transparent, it’s second nature to me when I look at photos of myself to automatically find what’s wrong with the photo. Ridiculous, but my honest to God truth and I don’t think I’m alone here. “Ugh, look at my hair.” “My arms look too big.”Delete that, I don’t look good.” “Don’t post that, I look like I ate a whale.” Sound familiar?

Our minds are automatically trained to look for the bad in everything, especially when it comes to how we look at ourselves. I fall victim to it on the daily, and we don’t realize what negative effects it has on our personal/professional lives, or our self-confidence! Today as I was reviewing these photos from my most recent shoot, I instantly started to point out all of the 100 things I didn’t like about my photos. But I stopped, and reversed my train of thought, to instead of think of 100 things that could be wrong, think of 100 things that are right! We have to remind ourselves, that yes we are human too, with human feelings, and emotions, and if we don’t talk down or make others feel bad about themselves, why do we do it to ourselves? I’m 100% guilty. But I have to remind myself to be gentle with myself, and to love on myself a little harder than before, because no one will love you, or appreciate you, or take care of you…the way you do.So be nice!

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