Monday, October 24, 2016

Sweater Dresses X Rebecca Minkoff

Are these days flying or what? It is literally October 24th? Like Halloween is a week did that happen? It was just August, and I was enjoying my summer...and now i'm full on in sweaters, jackets and scarves!!! The only thing good about this type of weather is the clothes though I must say. Anyone can throw on a sundress, or a romper and be super cute...but it takes a true fashionista to pull off a bomb fall wardrobe! I pulled these boots from the back of my closet ( even though they weren't that far back because I donned them at the Formation World Tour Concert, and got my entire life in these babies) and paired with a chunky sweater dress from Misguided. Sweater dresses are so cute, because they do actually keep you warm, but you don't lose your body in them, like you would in most sweaters and/or fall dresses. It's big enough around you so that you're comfy, but with the off the shoulder touch, and scrunch at the hemline, it adds just the right spice to your look.

I paired mines with a leather jacket (of course), and my most recent fave that i've in la la love over, my new Rebecca Minkoff bag! I discovered RM not too long ago, as I usually scour over the NYFW blog post from other bloggers, and literally stalk the website to watch the shows on the live stream. What I loved instantly about Rebecca's line, is that it's made for the every day woman, that was meant to stand out! A lot of pieces that I saw at NYFW were beautiful, and true pieces of art...but let's face it...I'm not going to meet my friends for dinner in this gorgeous, architectural, abstract skirt, that poofs out in 6 different ways, has sharp edges, and certainly not made for girls with hips...feel me? Maybe I'm a bit dramatic...but you know what I'm talking about! That's not to discredit the beautiful fashion designers and their visions on these pieces because if given the chance, I would absolutely wear this architectural skirt that goes 6 different ways, and made for a girl with no hips...given the chance. But anyway, RM's line has so many different pieces, for any type of woman, with any type of budget! I wear this bag everywhere. To brunch with my girls, dinner with family, a night out in the city...even grocery shopping! You can shop my look below, and I also added a few other pieces that are similar to my look, but I thought would look fab together.

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