Monday, November 14, 2016

Back At It

Hello friends, good to be back on the blog. I haven't posted in almost 2 weeks now, as I had every intention of getting a post up last week, however with the election my plans had changed. I needed to take a break from social media, and just media in general for a while to gather my thoughts and figure out how I was feeling, before I began putting my thoughts out there for you to read. Last week, I had every intention of this post being about the election, and about how excited I was for our nation, to finally have a woman on the ballot running for president. Needless to say that excitement fizzled, literally as I was typing this post, and watching the election results, and watched my country turn red Tuesday night.

I'm still getting myself together, and coming to terms with how I feel, not only about the recent election, but the incredulous hate that has been a result of this election. I am also enamored by the love, support, and fearlessness of the Americans that did get out and vote, and are standing up for what is right. Who do not sit behind their Facebook statuses, or Instagram comments - that continue to feed hate into this country - but are out doing something about it. Letting their voices be heard, letting their opinions be known, and most of all loving hard on one another because let's be real...this isn't just a black issue anymore.

Like I said, still gathering my thoughts, and will certainly speak on the topic when the time is right for me, because trust me...I do have something to say. But still wanted to get back up and let you know that I'm still here, and this blog post became even more important to me. As it should to you. Not my post in particular, but we can't let this knock us down. God ALWAYS has a plan. You may not know Him, but I do, and let me tell you...He has NEVER left me, nor forsaken me. Even in my darkest moments, He has never failed me, and He will not fail you.

Still feeling good in November...and have a lot to be grateful for! Here's my look for today, entire outfit from my friends at Akira (see previous post). It's still in the mid 60s here so I'm milking this weather for everything it's worth!

Love & Light Babes

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