Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Snake Skin

Happy November!

How was your Halloween? Growing up Christian I wasn't raised to celebrate Halloween, so I didn't really dress up or go trick or treating. Typically on Halloween night we'd go to the local pizza place and have "Hallelujah Night" with a bunch of other kids from my family and church. We still got our candy feels, however I didn't dress up as much as the other kids did. I did (and still do) marvel at the creativity and effort so many people put into their costumes. I mean did anyone see Bey's costume this year? Her and Jay were Blue's Barbie dolls....and they looked so cute!I wanted to share this look with you guys, as if I were to dress up for Halloween...I'd call myself the "SlayQueen" because there is nothing I enjoy more than slaying a good outfit, and knowing that I did just that! This look made me feel real "Ravenna". You know the mean queen from Snow White & the Huntsman? The details in this look were to die for, with the snakeskin sleeve, that I paired with a leather skirt, and snakeskin purse. For my outfit details, and how to replicate my look keep reading!

Also sending love to my girls at the State Street Akira who hooked me up with this bomb top, and some other goodies! Thank you ladies, you guys are the greatest!

Slay On... 


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