Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas in 3...2..1

It's Christmas!!! like a day. :) So excited around this time of year. I haven't been blogging much but I've been making sure to spend quality time with the ones I love. As you know I come from a HUGE family, and our Christmas tradition is going over one of my aunts house (which is the house my mom grew up in, and raised my big brother) and it's so many of us, you literally have to find a spot to sit. But we get together, we blast the Christmas tunes, we exchange gifts, we eat until our faces fall off...we laugh and love madly on one another, and this happens to be my most favorite Christmas tradition. Because my family is so massive, everyone usually brings a dish, and small gifts that can be used by anyone. We sometimes play games, and the gifts are prizes, or we all just start passing the out to whomever has the empty hands to take them. I'm most looking forward to the fresh baked cookies my aunt makes for each family. She usually starts days in advance to bake them, and have them all ready by Christmas Eve! 

One thing that tends to happen every year, is this conversation I have with my dad about the "true meaning" of Christmas. Each year I get older, I begin to realize this same lecture he gives me every year has significant weight to it.  Everyone that knows me, knows I love presents, and it's not about the shoes, or the clothes, or the's not about gifts at all! It's about spending time with the people you love, hugging the little ones tight because it's so magical for them, and being the light for others. It's about giving to those who can't necessarily give back to you. As I get older I realize the things I wan't most, you can't buy for Christmas. I am truly just happy seeing other people happy, and knowing in my heart that I helped make it happen. So as we enter into yet another Christmas holiday, who cares what you got your mom, or your dad. Who cares what your friend will think of your gift. Hug them, love them, kiss them...because that's what matters most.

For more on my winter white look, keep reading!

Dress: Windsor (old) similar here and here | Shoes: Lolashoetique | Coat: Missguided |

What are your Christmas traditions?

Merry Christmas to you and your families!

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