Monday, January 30, 2017

Executive Order This

 Hey Lovelies!

It has literally been almost the entire month of January since my last post, but I have SO much in store for you guys moving forward! I got really busy with work, and travel, and then of course my birthday! I didnt get many pictures from my birthday, I was living in every second of the moment that day. I did however treasure every phone call, text, Facebook status, IG pic, #tbt pic, I mean you all truly showed me love on my day, and I felt every bit of it. My heart is full :) 

As I mentioned, I have been working a ton on so much that I want to do with HRH and setting goals that I want to accomplish personally and professionally. I think it's so incredibly important, especially given the climate of our country right now to have some severe goals, and go after them relentlessly. It's so easy to get upset, and sad, and angry because I don't know about you, but every time I turn on my TV, or tap my Instagram app...there is another story on the disgusting way our country's core values are literally being thrown out of the window. I'm not going to voice my opinion on HRH or share my true feelings, because I want to keep this space a 100% positive place for me to share my ideas, thoughts, and of course outfits with you all! But I will share how important it is right now, to have some direction. 

In the first pic for this look, I'm mid laugh, trying to be serious with my photographer. However this pic, captures exactly how I feel on the inside, even in the midst of what is going on today. At ease, full of faith, & knowing my purpose. Times are bad, and from the looks of it will be getting incredibly worse, and you know what? No matter what the next executive order is, it won't take my faith. It won't take my purpose away. As an African-American educated woman, there is literally nothing I can't do. Once I make up my mind, I truly become unstoppable. It is my duty to make sure YOU know how unstoppable YOU are too. That there is nothing that YOU can't do. It is my deepest hope, that by me sharing the things that I love through this blog, living fearlessly and fabulously, and ultimately being relentless in my pursuit of going after and getting everything that I want in this life...that you too find your ease, and truly believe that there is nothing you can't do. Regardless of what is on our TV's, what our co-workers say about us, who wrote you off and told you that you were never going to be anything. Regardless of what your bank account says, or even those that think you don't deserve a seat at the table, and you know what table I'm talking about. To hell with hell with it all. It is your birthright, to go after, to be, to achieve, and to become anything and everything you want...& there is nothing or no one that can take that away from you. Executive order that....

Bag: Here | Shoes: Here|Jeans: Here
So we just gone act like I didn't get an outfit post up though? LOL. This look made me feel super feline with my fur & platform heels. I've been getting into platforms lately, and I'm already kind of tall...whatever. I felt fabulous! Click the link to learn where I got these items from!

Be fearless my loves...and do it relentlessly...

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