Monday, April 3, 2017


Hey friends!

Was feeling productive and thought, why  not get a blog post up? Besides this bomb jacket I wanted to share with you and how much I adore it - I wanted to briefly discus the importance of staying in your light. I will be 100% honest with all of you, the last couple of weeks I have been going through so much personally! There's so many things that I want to do in my life right now, and it's so easy to feel like you are not progressing as fast as you think you should be, or things aren't happening as fast as you'd want them. I fall prey to this all the time. I get this bomb idea in my head about something cool to do for the blog, or an awesome project I'd like to work on, or even some life changes that I want to make, and if i'm being real with you ( which I always am) I want it to happen immediately. We are fashioned to hustle, and grind, and keep it pushing, so naturally we want our lives to progress as such. But in today's society ( and through social media) it's hard to stay centered and be patient with our wants and aspirations because that very thing you've been working hard on, let's say your publishing your first book, or trying to buy a brand new house - all you have to do is login on Facebook, or tap that IG app, and the first pic you see is of this random person that already has a book published, or moving boxes into a brand new $100K home! And not to take there blessings away from them ( you earned it boo boo) but it's easy to loose focus and get down on yourself, and beat yourself up, wondering why don't you have it like that? Why aren't you progressing the way you want? Then it spirals down, and you go deeper and deeper into the things you don't have or want to do but cant - and ultimately it effects your everyday life! Even people or family can screw you up, and throw off your focus with their personal problems and/or negativity that they are projecting on to you. 

Again - i'm speaking from experience, and this is something I battle with all the time, but one thing I always tell myself is , "Ash - stay in your light." If you continue to focus on the "whens, and why nots" then you can never get to the, "finally" and "it happened" part. By staying in your light, you are continuously reminding yourself of how bomb you are, and how your hard work WILL pay off, and that you WILL see the fruit of the seeds you once had sown. You are reminding yourself to be gentle with yourself, and that you are only human, and what God has planned for you - no man or woman can take away or mess up that plan...and get this...not even you can. 

Totally didn't mean to get preachy - but that's how I was feeling today. :) Currently traveling, and since it's Monday I obviously wanted to get a post up because I really do love this jacket, and if you want my look the deets are below! But lately so many people, and things have been trying to steal my joy - and I'm just not going for it. So from my heart to yours - always stay in your light. No one can or will shine the way you do. 

Jacket: Akira | Jeans: Express |Sunnies: Celine (sold out) similar here and here| Light: Heaven :) 

Love and Light,


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