About Me

Name: Ashley

Hometown: Born and Bred in the Windy City of Chicago

About Me: I am a 20 something blogger, with a degree in Journalism and Communications. I am a foodie. Not a health foodie, but I’m a real finger lickin’, steak eatin’, lather it in sauce, down home meal kind of girl! I love picture taking, both in front and behind the camera. I am a big statement necklace lover, and hate banana flavored anything. Ew! There's nothing a bouquet of pink peonies & white hydrangea's can't solve. I enjoy giving back to my community and lots of volunteer work. I think it’s important to give to those who may not be able to give it back to you. The whole world isn’t about give and take : ) This is my creative space, and I welcome you to share your creativity as well. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

My Mom-tra:  You are fiercely and wonderfully made. Always go for what you want my girl…because you can have it all. - Mom

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